Baby bird rescued from cat: mother feeds cute fledgling

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We even named it. That’s how hopeful we were that we could save Cartman the baby great tit. Rescued from the neighbour’s cat, Cartman looks robust enough but something’s wrong and (s)he can’t fly. To save it from cats and foxes, we keep it indoors overnight in a tub with water, small worms and seed but (s)he’s too young to feed itself.

Put back out in the garden the next day, Catman’s mother finds and feeds it. This goes on until dusk when we take it back inside.

Sadly, (s)he doesn’t survive this second night.

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Baby bird rescued from cat: mother feeds cute fledgling

7 thoughts on “Baby bird rescued from cat: mother feeds cute fledgling

  1. 😉 Cute… but that's definitely not mother, the adult tit on this video is actually a male 😉 Usually, the daddy takes care of fledglings while mother is busy building or sitting on the second nest, great tits usually breed 2 times per season.

    BTW. I currently have two great tit chicks, rescued from the destroyed nest; that's fun to train them to feed themselves.

  2. Do you think Cartman died due to injuries from cat bite?  I found a young bird in my back yard this morning hopping around on the ground. When I got back from work he's still walking around on the ground. Don't know what to do.

  3. Cats have a lot of bacteria in their mouths with sharp tips on teeth. If even a little got inside him and he wasn't treated, it could kill him. Not sure about warmth or how that was dealt with during the night. Sad he died. Video shows how hard birds work to feed babies. Plus keep safe from elements and predators.

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