Baby Robin | Cute | Sweet | Wild Bird Turned Tame

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This baby robin, Gordo, was so cute and sweet. This was truly a wild bird turned tame. He was a pleasure to raise. We gave him to Nature’s Nursery because they would not put this bird down. Other agencies would not promise that. There was no way anyone was getting this bird who would do that!

Baby Robin | Cute | Sweet | Wild Bird Turned Tame

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  1. when me and my 3 year old brother were walking in the park we saw a dead Robin and I told him that his wing was just broken and it was waiting for the ambulance but he was very worried about it. so I showed him this video

  2. I found one in my backyard today I have no idea where it's mother was we have no nest in my trees either. So I don't know what to do I don't want to touch it unless I have to but I don't want mom rejecting the baby either. What should I do?

  3. I rescued a fledgling robin back in April that fell out of its nest and broke its leg. Took about 3 weeks to get his leg to heal up. While it was healing, I taught him how to find bugs and worms. I would take him out by the shed and just point at a bug, and soon he figured out what was going on, picked up bugs that I pointed at, and soon enough started looking for bugs on his own. As a baby, when his leg was still broken, he would plop down on my chest on a sock with my hand over him while I was watching a movie. The warmth and cover must have made him feel secure.

    He was such a funny bird. He would get in these moods now and then that I called "hooligan-bird" mode where he would hop/fly around on the bed stopping now and then with his head up and neck stretched out. Unfortunately, I took him out one time, and he flew up on the roof of the house where I couldn't see him. He must have flown back down without me noticing, and I found him about 15 minutes later dead from one of the neighbor's cats. I loved that bird, and needless to say, I don't have much love for cats anymore.

  4. awwwww! I'm raising two aswell, they're the same age is the one in the video is (going by looks), they really are sweet little guys!!

  5. I tried to rescued a baby robin excat same age as the one in vid but the next day it die and also gound during night while cook out probably got hurt.

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