Bird Scratching: Cute Cockatiel Funny Head Scratch (Rico, the cockatiel)

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Hi there,

This is Rico; he’s a little bit cranky but a whole lot of sweet. hehe

The color temperature is way off on this video but I’m not sure how to fix it… I’ve added music to the clip of him demanding head scratches.
In any case, I ended up chuckling to it as I was putting it together. He’s such a feisty little guy…haha. Here is hoping that you like this….

Also, guess how he thanks me in the end….lol



*These cockatiels, as well as other birds and animals, are intelligent and deserve to be treated fairly, kindly and with respect. 💖 When considering a pet, try to think of the long-term costs (food, vet, cages, emergency treatment, toys etc.) and time and effort required to care for them.

• Most of the birds and other animals are lifelong toddlers, remember this. “Who will care for them when you need to go on vacation?”
• Btw not all animals will get along with one another nor will they have the same personality. Some might be easy to work with immediately and other’s take years of trust building… Give everyone a fair chance to be loved.💕🐾 Have patience. Adjusting to a new family is 100 times more difficult for them.
• They have certain foods they cannot ever eat; even though you can eat something or another animal can, your particular pet might not be able to. In some cases, it can even kill your pet. (Birds, if given even a small portion of certain toxic foods, will suffer and die.)
• You will need to animal proof your home, so they will not chew plugged wires, eat toxic houseplants plants, metals, or get hurt…
• They need fresh water and food and sometimes like kids you have to coax them to trying new and healthy food… Don’t give up if they do not eat healthy right away. Keep trying.
• They need to have a safe, quiet place to sleep and warmth to be comfortable. (covers, animal beds, heaters made specifically for animals).
• Learn all the mistakes you can from people who have made them. You can find all kinds of information and personal experience online. Research, research, research BEFORE you get an animal to care for. Make sure you can first CARE for the animal in serious and dire situations and that you have the money, time and energy required. Otherwise, wait until you do. “Can you pay vet bills?”

* Please don’t get pets for birthdays or holidays for little kids. Animals are not toys or props to be shelved once someone is busy or bored.

*Also, consider adopting from shelters and rescues and NEVER pay a breeder.
• There are so many that have bad histories, are neglected, mistreated, abused and plain unwanted…
• There are many animals that are painfully waiting to find a good home; some never get that chance to experience care and love and are put down/ euthanized. 😢 Please help stop this by adopting from shelters/ rescues or adopting animals from those that can no longer take care of them…
• But NEVER buy from breeders and especially those backyard breeders that sell animals ONLY to make money like on Craigslist or Facebook. They are the ones that caused the sad overpopulation and even sadder animal euthanasia situation and stats all over the world. The other people who helped cause this shameful problem are those that don’t think everything through when adopting animals and dump them when tired, bored. Don’t be that person. You don’t kill or euthanize an animal when you want to move or are bored. You don’t dump an animal on the streets when you don’t have the money or don’t have time interest in the animal. Your mistakes are yours. Don’t blame the innocent animals and take it out on them.

*A sobering statistic is that approximately 1,500,000 pets are killed each year. 😢 And this is just for domesticated cats and dogs…. and only in the United States. There are countless other domesticated animals that are just left in the cold, wrapped in garbage bags and tossed into the river. Many are severely abused, starved, neglected, “let loose” in nature when they become too old or too big to be considered “cute”. There are other animals that are used as bait animals for shallow and selfish people who engage in animal fighting. Those obviously all go unreported and are not factored into the statistics. Then add pet rats, snakes, mice, birds, lizards, horses, etc etc… And now think of what happens outside the US? You see what I mean…..

*As a pet owner you are a guardian to a vulnerable and innocent life. Let’s all take our roles more seriously.

Lives are lives and we need to remember to do better.
We can do better. Each one of us. 💖

*”Every single day, you are born again.”*


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Bird Scratching: Cute Cockatiel Funny Head Scratch (Rico, the cockatiel)

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  1. Guess how he thanks me in the end…. :p

    Sorry about the messed up saturation color of the video.
    I'm still figuring things out. 🙂

    Enjoy the video! Thanks

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