Cockatiel checking the nestboxex | Finally end up in fight #ParrotWorld

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Cockatiel checking the nest boxex | Finally end up in fight | cockatiel Nesting box #ParrotWorld

Parrot World: I am an animal lover especially birds that too parrots, presently I have Twelve lovely parrots, Out of Twelve; four are cocktails and eight are budgies. I feel parrots are the good companions to be with. Some of the species in parrots interacts abundantly Cute parrot videos Name – Breed Mithu – Pied Male Cockatiel Amul – Cinnamon Female Cockatiel Diamond – Lutino Male Cockatiel Ruby – Lutino Female Cockatiel Rose – White Blue Budgie Lilly – Yellow Female Budgie Tweety – Green Budgie hatched on 15 July 18 Sweety – Green Budgie hatched on 17 July 18 Four more budgies are hatched on 11-12-2018 Do not forget to Like, Share and Subscribe. Please press πŸ”” to get Notifications – Cheers FaceBook Page


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Cockatiel checking the nestboxex | Finally end up in fight #ParrotWorld

4 thoughts on “Cockatiel checking the nestboxex | Finally end up in fight #ParrotWorld

  1. So cute! I feel bad for ruby sometimes, it seemed like mithu would snip at her occasionally but now she stands up for herself it seems at least, Lol but I have to admit they’re cute even when they’re mad/fighting πŸ˜†πŸ₯°, I wish they’d all get a long though! It’s possible they still could, lots of tiels have their squabbles and stuff but end up together in the end 😊. Lol they’re all way too cute!

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