Conure: Cute Chibi – Cute Bird

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Conure Cute Chibi Cute Bird

10 thoughts on “Conure: Cute Chibi – Cute Bird

  1. もっと撫でて〜っ!
    って、ふっくらしながら擦り寄ってく姿が…もう可愛いくて可愛いくて仕方が無いですね( ´ ▽ ` )…

  2. ポケモン? モコモコの体にくりんくりんの目。そんなのが擦付いてくる。

  3. 💜 Little Chibi is precious little girl bird. You have such a special bond with both Haru and her. So sweet! Thank you very much for sharing these wonderful babies with us! 💜

  4. I had a GCC; Ziggi. This is exactly how she acted. She was a very affectionate birb who I taught tricks to.

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