Cute Bird Helps Feed Cat and Dog

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This helpful bird loves his cute friends, the cat and the dog. He knows when they’re hungry because he feeds them while they calmly wait. SUBSCRIBE to us!

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Cute Bird Helps Feed Cat and Dog

10 thoughts on “Cute Bird Helps Feed Cat and Dog

  1. I think he wanted some grooming in exchange:) Fair's fair after all:) Lovely to see:)))

  2. That poor bird, he's getting angry because no one feeds him back.
    We would all feel the same and stop playing, camera lady, please teach the dog or the cat to feed the bird back!
    I would love to see that

  3. This is why I don't like "Junk" Media. Instead of all the people who have copied and uploaded from the original (bird feeds cat & dog) by Loz Westley, having their video descriptions directing back to the original, they all suggest to look at this one. Not fair!

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