8 thoughts on “CUTE Birds Get Freedom!!

  1. duby can I ask you a question: when you let them out can they escape to the woods or do you have a fence because I can see it well love you vids just liked sub ❤💙

  2. Youre gonna be a great communicator making videos like those. look how close your videos are to national geographic… https://youtu.be/7N-rMycT7bs

    Hey animal lovers! I'm going to make a Question and Answer (Q&A) video soon. You have until January 1st to ask questions. After that date, sorry but it's too late. You can still ask me questions though, they just won't be answered in a video. If you have ANY questions, about me or the animals, comment them below! Reply to this comment your questions and I'll answer them in a video. Have a great day!

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