Cute Birds having Lunch 3_3

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Due to my big x3 being out because of leap frogging/moulting/hormones annnnnd no tail (Pabu) I’m left with just little Berrie bezza the blue Ringneck I’m training.
So he has come out to have lunch with some of the crew from “Phoenix and friends” annnnd Bumi (yellow tailed black) & Kevin!!! (Galah aka Pabu’s best mate)
I don’t know if it’s just me but without Pabu the energy is not as sugary sweet 🙁
Kevin had to make friends with a pretty little wild galah instead 😂 **please excuse the audio cutting out, my friends have inappropriate convos and swear haha**

Without Pabu screaming his bubblegum screams no one was particularly interested in flying as much, especially Kevin. It seems as though Pabu is the life of the party haha.

Pheonix is the dusky lori, Meraxes aka maree is the Molloccan Lori, then we have Loki the nanday conure and Thor the Sun Conure 🙂

Everyone had a great time having their lunch, even Bumi got to walk all over the table picking the treats he wanted 😂

Great news! Korra I think (I thiiiiiink) has passed the half way mark with her molt and hormones, I say this because more and more she’s settling down and refusing leap frog from time to time with Roku. Roku I’ve still not been able to touch, he’s like a 16yo boy who has discovered the internet for the first time with zero parental supervision or restrictions! 😨😰🤭😷

Hope to have all x3 back out in a month or so when our summer ends, we have had some big heat waves + storms which has made it super humid blerghh.
This particular location is quite a drives north and extremely high above sea level so it’s naturally much cooler.

Cute Birds having Lunch 3_3

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  1. Bobby Berrie ❤❤❤

    Kevy Kev wasn’t shy with a gurlie this time! Good on you Kev!! 😄😄

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  3. Will we be seeing rowy or korra out soon sorry I gave rocky a nickname I can’t help it😝

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