Cute Cat Chattering Teeth At Birds | Butternut

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Very cute cat chattering her teeth / chirping at birds out of window. Butternut never usually makes a sounds. Except when she’s at the window and spots a bird. Here is her making her cute chattering / chirping sound after seeing a wood pigeon on our neighbours roof. So cute 🙂

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Cute Cat Chattering Teeth At Birds | Butternut

10 thoughts on “Cute Cat Chattering Teeth At Birds | Butternut

  1. Just googled this — as my cat Fred is doing this right now – never witnessed/heard this one before – love it!

  2. I've have  a 14 month old Orange Tabby. I got her at the local SICSA Adoption Shelter. I did research on SICSA and found them to be the best to get a healthy cat or dog. My Orange Tabby was born at the SICSA shelter. Her mommy's owners had to move and couldn't take her with them. I went online to the local SICSA website and they have pictures and a complete history of the pet. As I was scrolling through the web page I saw the cutest  orange Tabby. She had already been fixed, had all od her shots and they screened her for any parasites, I clicked on her picture and it took me to an application page where you fill out your contact information for them to call you. It wasn't 15 minutes and SICSA called me and we set up a meeting time. I drove up to SICSA the next day and they brought her out o me. It was love at first site. She picked me if you know what I mean. She snuggled in my arms, licked my hand, and let me rub her belly. I couldn't resist so they got all of the Vet papers containing her vaccination treatments, being fixed, and no parasites. She is now 14 months old and we have a blast together. She sleeps on my chest or belly, gives me a massage, and purrs me to sleep. I like SICSA because they take in any cat or dog and they keep them until they are adopted. They do not put animals down. I named my cat Twinkie 'cause the name seem to fit her. Just like the other cats posted here on YouTube, she chatters when ever the birds come to feed at the bird feeder outside my window.

  3. I was freaking out because I just got a new kitten and hes about 6 months old already and he was doing this and I was thinking that he was going looney or something

  4. This looks exactly like my cat to the t I have a video of him chattering go watch it and tell me I'm wrong !!!!😘

  5. This is a hunting sound, I found that out today cuz I was looking it up about my own kitten, he did that today looking at a bird also.

  6. I got concercerned cuz my cat was doing this I've had cats my whole life none have made this sound. First reaction wrap her up cuz maybe she was somehow cold. Second step look it up and as soon as I was like oohhh and played this video I got kisses

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