Cute Little Baby Birds on Miami Beach

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Ducks blown off their feet by the wind – they were so cute! These little baby birds were so cute on the beach in Miami I had to take a video. We thought it looked like a Mother Duck & 12 little baby ducklings! Following the little cute birds around, they moved together as a group and then ended up flying over the water, which looks so beautiful and picturesque! It was such a beautiful day. Learn more about me at

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Thai Elephant Massage – by a Cute Baby Elephant in Koh Samui [Official]

Summary: In 2007 I volunteered to get a massage from a baby elephant in Thailand, on Koh Samui. The baby elephant was super cute and kept tickling me and also gave me a big wet kiss on my check. Surprisingly, the elephant actually gave a great massage – with the perfect amount of pressure! It was impressive.

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Cute Little Baby Birds on Miami Beach

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