Cute Mourning Doves Make Noise – Mourning Dove Sounds – Bird Calls

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While sitting in my backyard, I have many mourning doves come to my yard, most of them are silent others can become noisy. In this video are some of the noisiest mourning doves that came to my backyard feeders for a snack. There is rarely a day that the mourning doves don’t come to my yard.

Mourning doves love sitting in my yard, they must feel safe. The mourning doves that are shown in this video are very noisy and make a lot of noise from their wings when flying around they can be loud. When taking off, their wings make a sharp whistling or whinnying. Also, in this video I managed to record mourning doves cooing to their mate.

In this video I help answer the question what do mourning doves sound like.

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This is one of my many bird call videos.

My bird watching videos are recorded in Southern Ontario, Canada.

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Cute Mourning Doves Make Noise – Mourning Dove Sounds – Bird Calls

10 thoughts on “Cute Mourning Doves Make Noise – Mourning Dove Sounds – Bird Calls

  1. Had two in my garden for hours the other day…eating at the bird seed … I love their song

  2. Can I come to your yard for a morning just to experience these works of beauty?

  3. I hate it when you spend all day in the field and don’t see a single one, but then come home to a fence line of them. It’s like they know lol

  4. Ugly ass birds. They are just like pigeons. There are over 50 of them in my neighborhood and they poop all over my house. I just shoo them away every time I see them in my yard and I will clean up any nesting that they do here too. Good thing we have hawks and falcons to chase them away and eat them up.

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