Day 4 – Hungry Baby Bird

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New Videos every few days of Robin the robin as we hand feed him every hour until he is big enough to be released!

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Day 4 – Hungry Baby Bird

4 thoughts on “Day 4 – Hungry Baby Bird

  1. I had the pleasure last spring (here in Canada) of watching a robin pair raise their young in a nest in my work's toolshed! All four eggs hatched and 3 of the four fledged. We were disturbing mom and dad so much I sometimes left them cutworms and other little grubs and worms we'd cut in half by mistake from the garden in a dish to help them out with the feeding (not sure if mom took them or not but they were always gone!). It was such a lovely treat to be able to experience.

  2. So a baby bird fell out of its nest and me being dumb touched it with my bare hands and put it in a plastic bowl and I am feeding it cut up worms with tweezers !Can you give me any tips?

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