Different Types of Saleti Pigeon Breed | Kasni Pigeon | Silver Pigeons Collection

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Here are Saleti pigeon breed which is also known as Kasni pigeon. It’s actually silver ash color pigeons with different breeds like Kamagar saleti, Desi saleti, Light colour saleti, Chapdar saleti, Teddy saleti, etc. I have been breeding this saleti breed for production of new type of saleti pigeon with high capacity of flying, come back home after flying and good quality of looks.

In many countries this Saleti is also called Kasni. Actually this colour comes from many types of pigeons like kalsira Kamagar, kalsira teddy, jonsiry teddy, etc. It has light body structure and good soft body which helps them to fly light in sky. In this pigeons group there are many cross breed saleti and other pure breed saleti as well. I have given flight about 8 hours to this saleti breed and due many predators attack. I am not able to check their full timing.

I have been trying to cross breed this saleti pigeons and takeout one unique and full of quality pigeons which should show their flying capacity and intelligence mind which must come back home. They are actually slow type of flyers but in the context of countries pigeon flyers are suffering from predators attack so, I am trying to take out new type of flying pattern in these saleti breed. I have been doing work in this breed for about 2 years and I hope that this breed will be success soon.

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What are the types of breeding?
1. In Breeding
2. Inline Breeding
3. Cross Breeding

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Different Types of Saleti Pigeon Breed | Kasni Pigeon | Silver Pigeons Collection

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  1. with so much poop how do they not get sick? im not hating im just asking out of curiosity ik u do alot for these birds i watch ur other vids too! and also if pigeons are sick do they show symptoms and do they cope with sickness better then other birds such as budgies. how strong is their immune system??? i have so many questions about these amazing birds!!

  2. plz show us ur pigeons eye and last 3 feather very closely so that we can understand

  3. hi, i have a 28 day old chick that is only flapping one wing, the wing is not drooping nor does it seem weird

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