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DESPITE LOOKING a little on the bald side, Fefe is like any other happy goffin cockatoo. Fefe’s previous owner kept her in bad conditions, with a lack of stimulation and poor nutrition. Sadly this lead to the little cockatoo plucking out her feathers. Fortunately the 16-year-old parrot was adopted by nurse, Eve Butler, one and a half years ago. Fefe’s hair follicles are so damaged that the feathers will never grow back on her head and back. Owner Eve even tried to put little clothes on the featherless bird to prevent her from plucking. Fefe now has a loving family who accept her with all her quirks, however others aren’t so lucky.

Video Credits:
Videographer / director: Eve Butler
Producer: Shannon Lane, James Thorne
Editor: James Thorne

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Fefe The Plucking Cute Cockatoo | CUTE AS FLUFF

10 thoughts on “Fefe The Plucking Cute Cockatoo | CUTE AS FLUFF

  1. Cute lovely beautiful bald cockatoo. 😇💗 She need a home with love and caring. People are connected to them are also special too. So glad a new home will make her more happier.

  2. You people and her have been Blessed with so much Love to give one another. That's really wonderful and you are all adorable. Thank you for the video. It's inspirational.

  3. Awww poor little darling

    This video brings me so much joy to see how happy she is I’m her luving home

    Thanks u x

  4. I have just found Fefe on YouTube. It’s beautiful to see the relationship that both of you have with her. She is adorable. I especially love the video where your husband is giving her a foot massage. She has that look “I’m so glad I found my mommy and daddy”. Thank you for rescuing her, and for volunteering at a bird rescue sanctuary. The world needs more people like you.

  5. Please provide more videos of adorable Fefe! She makes my heart smile. As do you and your husband.

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