Intelligent Birds – Smart Things I’ve Witnessed Members of The Corvid Family Doing

Cute Birds Video Information:

At 1:30 I have the wrong clip playing. It’s a frog in that scene but it was supposed to be a toad. Here is the correct video clip for anyone interested –

Over the last 7 years, I’ve spent a lot of time around different birds out in the wild and because of that I’ve seen them doing some pretty cool things. In this video, I talk about 4 different times I saw members of the Corvid family doing pretty smart things.

Song – “Cute” –

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Intelligent Birds – Smart Things I’ve Witnessed Members of The Corvid Family Doing

10 thoughts on “Intelligent Birds – Smart Things I’ve Witnessed Members of The Corvid Family Doing

  1. I loved crows before it was cool Tshirts

    Here's a link :)

  2. I delivered mail for years . I always carried dog biscuits for the dozens of dogs on my route and they appreciated it. I also had crow family on my route . On a rainy day I tossed a rock hard biscuit to a crow and he proceeded to drop it in a shallow puddle give a minute or two and then consume the soft biscuit. I was impressed by the intelligence.

  3. Hi Leslie

    I just came upon your site and it's fantastic. I've always been a fan of the Corvids. On my first date with my wife I heard a Raven cackling away and told her about my interest in these amazing birds. A few years later she confessed to me she thought I was nuts but as she learned more about them from me, she started to understand why I found them so fascinating and now she's a big fan as well.

    I loved the segment on Blue Jays. They are one of my favourite birds. I'm curious where abouts you filmed them because where I live, Toronto, Ontario. Canada, West Nile has essentially wiped them out and the only place I ever see them now is in Northern Ontario.

    Anyway, keep those wonderful videos coming.


  4. I had a "mystical" experience with a raven on the coast of California at the Point Reyes National Seashore (in itself a mystical experience). I was hiking a trail that leads along the clifftops overlooking the vast Pacific an hour or so before sunset at the end of a gorgeous day. I was looking for a place to sit and watch the sun and do some journal writing and saw this big, black, broad-backed bird sitting in the perfect spot near the cliff's edge. Respectful of him, I took a spot about 15' away, off his right shoulder. When I sat, he casually looked my way as I took my spot and he looked back at the sun with lids half shut. I was close enough to see the sun reflected in his eyes. He seemed to be older and he was a substantial bird with a lot of presence about him. We sat and watched the sun together, enjoying the swirling breezes that shot up the 100' cliff face up and around us. There was a large outcropping off the coast in front of us where hundreds of birds were all congregated, making a lot of noise. We sat quietly on our cliff top, watching the golden sun dropping toward the ocean horizon. He looked over his shoulder at me, periodically, eyelids still half shut, almost meditatively. He was looking at me, I felt, as if to make sure I was taking note of this moment and that I was enjoying it as he was. It must have been at least 3 minutes like this, both of us enjoying the scene together. And then, resolutely, he lunged off the cliff top and rode the thermals down in a giant arc over the crashing waves below and swooped up to the large outcropping with all the other birds. When he dropped down, I felt my stomach go with him, as if on a roller coaster and I could feel his flight in my body as he swooped down and back up and landed as a little black dot on the other cliff face. That was 20+ years ago but I remember it like it happened just now. That was a gift from him to me.

  5. How does a crow get into the stomach of a frog ? They rip it , rip it, rip it……This is one many reasons why being called a "Bird brain" is a high compliment

  6. I have a bowl of seed for the birds on my second story bedroom window air conditioner. A female jay visits often and I am literally a foot from her when she does. I never realized how large they are. She can see and hear me. I have named her Bonnie. I say hi Bonnie when she comes and I swear she knows this. She will stand up erect and look at me every time. She and a lot of male Red wing black birds are here daily. She is obviously the boss because the others stay away when she is near. She is beautiful and I love her so much. Thank you for educating me as it has helped our understanding of each other.

  7. Crows are so smart. I watched one line up on a clean black BMW and take a massive dump on the trunk. They also like to use the roofs of cars to break open nuts. But not just any cars, newer ones that are freshly cleaned and expensive.

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