Kiwi the parakeet repeats cute nothings (talking bird)

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Cute morning chirps with Kiwi and Pixel: Pixel is extra spicy this morning.

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Kiwi the parakeet repeats cute nothings (talking bird)

10 thoughts on “Kiwi the parakeet repeats cute nothings (talking bird)

  1. Great video! These birds are so lucky to have such a wonderful buddy to get silly with!

  2. Pixel is such a sweetie and Pixel is a grumpy little budgie this morning! 2 little beauties! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’šπŸ’™

  3. Also make to sub to kiwi and pixels channel if you want more adorable parakeet videos! 😍

    My Budgie Now Clearly say
    My Name is Kiwi
    Must Watch

  5. Kiwi just wants to give his little brother a kiss and Pixel is having NONE OF IT!!
    Someone needs to give the little grumpy guy his morning cup of seeds lol

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