9 thoughts on “Look at all the cute birds that they have at the pet store

  1. All the budgies are really cute and I love the slo mo flight! Is this petsmart/petco or a small independent pet store?

  2. Hello BIRDEE Fans! It’s meeee! I hope u enjoyed my video! I Recorded this yesterday at pet smart! If u wanna get your questions answered by one of my birds than plz put #birdeevlogs and than write your question

    #birdeevlogs I have a question for yoki
    What is his favorite food
    #birdeevlogs can you make a ASMR vid with your birds

    Your suggestions might not get in the show but I will try to make it work! Don’t be shy to put down a question because I love making the birds answer them! I luv editing and making videos for u guys! Hope you enjoyed watching my videos! Bye! 😁🐣

  3. 5.🐥L🐥İ💛K🐥E🐥
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  4. #birdeevlogs I have a question for Ommi
    Have you ever eaten an omelette?
    I also have a question for Sky
    Why do you like nasal spray so much?

  5. I love watching the birds at the pet store. It bothers me that they don’t have a good life. I wish I could buy them all❣️

  6. I love the blue body/yellow headed budgie. I remember when Tico's barred feathers were down to her cere. ♥️🐦🤗

  7. # BIRDEEVLOG what kind of food do you feed your birds? Seeds or pallets? And what do you use to edited?

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