10 thoughts on “Mother Bird EATS-UP Baby Dove | Family of Tragedy | Life in Dove Nest | bird video | Full Part..

  1. First documented case of an animal making sacrifice…..for protection against the crow

  2. Here is a thing, animal can also be stressful while parenting babies. This is a great video to show how the mother takes care of her 2 babies somehow I feel l like the mother knew that she has been watched by something, that may lead to the tragic end. However, I learn to keep distance from dove because dove was nesting right by my mirror window and had 2 eggs, I did not know dove would be that shy and easy-to-freaked. I opened my window to see how many eggs they got, I scared both of them away, saw they got 2 eggs. The sad end had shown later that they never return to nest ever again. I was really pissed to see the 2 left over eggs for days. It's DOVE!

  3. i think this is her first baby, this is normal about having a nest for the first time.

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