Our Cute Birds

Cute Birds Video Information:

Hey guys this is my first real video and I’m really excited about it, Special thanks to Anthony, for helping me with this video,

As you can see in this video Andrew is a sweet bird who loves his headrubs, his beautiful feathers are growing in,

Lucky is a bird who loves to follow us around she can’t stand a minute without running towards us.

Cutie is a bird who tends to have small feet making her not confident into climbing. And doing things that cockatiels usually do. She is considered sweet but sad. She is starting to now climb up on rocks.

When we adopted her we thought she was a male due to her bright cheek, after mating with our beloved Leopard, we were confident she was a female.

Spotty is an energetic cockatiel who loves his son Andrew and is constantly feeding him when Andrew demands it. He loves babies, and can yet be alittle bitey man sometimes, That is only because he is a parent which makes him like that, but we love spotty!

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Our Cute Birds