Overcoming Fear of 🍉

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Working through Soleil and Ophelia’s initial watermelon fear.

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Overcoming Fear of 🍉

10 thoughts on “Overcoming Fear of 🍉

  1. This is how two of my lovebirds act towards things like one shred of carrot…a broccoli or an apple slice.

  2. Why would they be scared of a watermelon anyways? You always act super mad at your birds when they don’t do the tricks right. I have autism and I believe you might too. You seem to be severely focused on your birds and sometimes. Well, most the time you seem to be angry at them like ur gonna slap them after the camera turns off 😭 idk if it is what’s going on but dude you can’t be so angry sounding with them. They’re freaking birds.

  3. What helps my birds get used to things was if I kissed the item with an exaggerated smooch sound (my budgie is a kisser, so he instantly touches things I kiss). It even works for my Amazon and he's not a toucher kind of guy. Your face and abdomen is the most vulnerable spots and the birds know it, they'll open up more when they see that the item isn't obliterating you lol

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