PUFFIN ISLAND. The Cutest Birds Alive, Cinematic Norwegian Wildlife.

Cute Birds Video Information:

I would like you to get to know the cutest birds alive, Atlantic puffins (lundefugl in Norwegian, Papageientaucher in German). These birds can be found in Iceland, the Faroe Islands, but also Runde is a PUFFIN ISLAND off the coast of Norway. I might not have the ability to record on national geographic documentary level, but I hope you enjoy my insight on this kind of wildlife. I like to document the wildlife in Norway, and I am looking forward to produce more semi professional videos of this kind.

Remember to take care of vulnerable wildlife, always act careful and considered. Drone shots were not taken close to the island, and not even in Norway. Always take bird life into concern when using drones!

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PUFFIN ISLAND. The Cutest Birds Alive, Cinematic Norwegian Wildlife.

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  1. Let me know if you enjoy this kind of semi cinematic short movies down below. I will be out soon to produce more of these kind besides the normal Wildlife vlogs. Thanks for watching!

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