4 thoughts on “Retriever training with Dummy Launcher & cute bird dog

  1. Finally, thank God for you. I've been searching for a no reward treats trainer on YouTube for a while now.

    I have a 10 week old GSD. Got her a week ago from a shelter and she's now used to the crate and has learned some basic commands.

    I use short training sessions (10-20 mins) throughout the day. And she sometimes listens very well whereas other times she's uninterested. Any ideas how to fix this so I can get her attention whenever I ask for it?

    I know she's young but I want to correct bad behaviour ASAP. Thanks.

  2. man I wish my dog had as much as enthusiasm for retrieving as yours dog does.

  3. How can you have the dog so close to the launcher? i mean its pretty load… what ammo u using?

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