Top 10 Cutest Birds in North America

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Defining cute can be a little tricky because it’s subjective. What I find cute you may not. Here my top ten cutest birds in North America.

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“Life of Riley” AND “Rainbows” Kevin MacLeod (
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Top 10 Cutest Birds in North America

10 thoughts on “Top 10 Cutest Birds in North America

  1. Don't look owls in the eye. They will attack you. And you won't see or hear them coming either. No joke! Best to stay away from them unless you like talons in the head. Don't turn your back to them.

  2. One of my favorite cute birds is the Eastern Wood Peewee…

  3. I’d place the kinglets and chickadees at the top of a cuteness list too, but I can’t believe you didn’t even mention Carolina wrens!

  4. Wonderful video! Love your list…we have a lot of overlap with your birds down here in Maryland – but there are some differences. Our nuthatches are all white-breasted- no rosy color at all, but are absolutely adorable.

  5. I love the Black capped Chickadee, Nuthatch, and GoldenFinch. How you handle feed the birds I’ll never know!

  6. There is a piping plover nesting ground that is protected on South Manitou Island in Lake Michigan (part of Sleeping Bear National Park ).

  7. Is that owl really called the "saw it" owl? Mother fuck. Lol I love birds and I love your videos.

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