10 thoughts on “Videos and Sounds for Cats : Garden Birds Extravaganza

  1. I think these birds are from cold countries. I have not found them in cities like Hyderabad, India. May be in northern part of the country we can find them.

  2. Good video to watch for bird lovers. But, the place of this video taken if mentioned is very useful.

  3. My cat scratches when in hunter mode..! Loves me when normal… I had several scratch infections and had to do penicillin…this can happen anytime of day or night…pupils get huge and look out. I lobe him so much, but my daughter said he should be put down😩

  4. I am asking myself, why would somebody dislike such a beautiful video? Is it because people think animals should not be fed? – IMO, human beings are separating themselves too much from nature, and at the same time, they come too close in a negative way, in destruction. I think we sould come back to nature in a heartfelt way, and reduce our bad influence. Feeding some fellow animals from time to time is an expression of humanity and brotherliness in my opinion. 🙂

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