Waxwings – The Peaceable Flock Bird – Did You Know Birding?( episode 15)

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Waxwings are an odd bird in that they get along for the most part in huge flocks. Even sharing food. Also, the waxy tips of waxwings may help waxwings to pick the right mate.

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There are just 3 species of waxwings in the world. Fruit makes up the bulk of their diet but they do also eat insects in summer months. Sometimes Waxwings become intoxicated if they eat too many overripe berries that have begun to ferment.

Cherry Blossom Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Waxwings – The Peaceable Flock Bird – Did You Know Birding?( episode 15)

10 thoughts on “Waxwings – The Peaceable Flock Bird – Did You Know Birding?( episode 15)

  1. Saw a 30 bird flock today in Lawrence Ks, (Cedars of course) that's why I'm here. I watched them fir half an hour or so, had to get the binoculars out to identify as they were across the street but it was their unusual prolonged flock behavior that caught my eye in the first place.. very pretty birds 5-4-2019

  2. The beautiful clear call of the cedar waxwing alerts me to their presence in fruit bearing shrubs and trees. They can strip a madrone tree of fruit in one day and then move on and are a wonderful riot of activity. Watching a pair doing the berry pass during mating season is a rare treat. Thanks for this video of this charming and beautiful bird.

  3. The cedar waxwing visited us in Hot Springs, Arkansas this year and are joy to see at our feeder.

  4. Another splendid presentation. SO stinkin' informative. You're a mad genius, girl. I…get you… in my limited way. Oh, the canopies of trees, chock full of tropical birdies in the Tropics. The Dawn and Dusk "Songs of the Jungle", are UNIMAGINABLE…in a mosquito net… No need to bundle up ,tho, and hope you don't die from hypothermia. LOL. xoxoxo

  5. I found one today in my yard. I'm in North East Texas near Oklahoma. Your information was awesome.

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