10 thoughts on “African Grey Parrot Being Funny.

  1. How come you stop talking to me when i video? Because they see the lens REALLY well lol. They see it as an eye.  Might be why he drew the line just after that. 🙂  ROTFLMAO@ him tellin ya aint no way at gimme a kiss lol. He can take yer finger to the bone. Be careful. HE is so amazed at the 30FPS sutter eye he sees lol.

  2. image getting that parrot home from the pet shop and having it keep saying go back to Africa

  3. What an adorable parrot! He's so sweet! Cracks me up when he's talking to himself! You seem to really love Gus and he obviously loves you a lot as well. Thanks for the upload. Love watching it! Love his close-ups too! Thanks for being an animal lover and obviously talking such good care of your pets!

  4. Awesome video luv it 💟 please check out my channel https://youtu.be/bgdC77E-XbM

  5. "Say something cute, or I'll take you back to Africa!" Oh shiiiiii O_O

  6. I have a African grey at my house and his name was oscar but i call him fatboy and a African siegal ang he is mean to everyone but not my mother but i love him

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