Bird Imitates Zipper Noise – funny!!

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Budgies are masters of mimicry. Not only do they imitate human voices, but they also imitate household sounds. For the first couple of years we had Kiwi, his cage was near a coat closet, so he heard coats zipping up every morning. It wasn’t until a couple years later that we realized the noise he was making was actually a zipper noise! Now, you can make a zipper noise and he will repeat it back. It’s incredible!

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Bird Imitates Zipper Noise – funny!!

10 thoughts on “Bird Imitates Zipper Noise – funny!!

  1. I had a parakeet that would often do some high-pitched repetitive chattering and it also took me years to figure out that he was imitating the zebra finches we had in the other room.

  2. I got my bird from my brother. He also had a dog, and the dog had a squeaky toy. My bird would imitate the squeaky toy. But it's been so long since he's heard it, he doesn't imitate it any more.

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