Bird interrupts David Attenborough | Attenborough’s Paradise Birds – BBC

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Birds of paradise are one of David Attenborough’s lifelong passions. He was the first to film many of their beautiful and often bizarre displays, and over his lifetime he has tracked them all over the jungles of New Guinea. In this very personal film, he uncovers the remarkable story of how these ‘birds from paradise’ have captivated explorers, naturalists, artists, film-makers and even royalty. He explores the myths surrounding their discovery 500 years ago, the latest extraordinary behaviour captured on camera and reveals the scientific truth behind their beauty: the evolution of their spectacular appearance has in fact been driven by sex.

‘For me birds of paradise are the most romantic and glamorous birds in the world. And this is a film I have wanted to make for 40 years.’ – Sir David Attenborough.

David Attenborough is repeatedly upstaged by an excited Greater Bird of Paradise.

Birds of Paradise | BBC

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Bird interrupts David Attenborough | Attenborough’s Paradise Birds – BBC

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  1. I wish this bird has his nest in my balcony. Could never hurt it. Goodbye problems and sadness forever!!!!

  2. This man is a legend and will be a very sad day when he passes. He is one in a million ❀

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