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OutdoorAdventureKids is a channel all about the outdoors and from a boy who loves herping and amphibians all together.


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Bird Side Of TikTok

10 thoughts on “Bird Side Of TikTok

  1. very cute vid but it still kills me how so many people get birds because of Cute Memes and then they clearly dont know how to take care of them. please read this!!! :
    1. you should never pet a parrot anywhere on its body. only its head and neck. petting it anywhere else sexually stimulates it and causes it to become hormonal, which can lead to plucking, aggression, biting, depression, etc.

    2. its been pointed out a ton already but that first bird in the beginning was actually trying not to suffocate in the shower. when birds are bathing, they do what the birds at 1:35 are doing. when theyre scared and trying not to suffocate, they go stiff and still and lean their head back and open-mouth breathe. trying to force your bird into a shower like that can also lead to pneumonia and respiratory issues or aspiration.

    3. it was never shown in the video but please do not feed your bird only seeds! i know "SEEB" has become a huge meme in bird communities but parrots need a mixture of /pellets/ (i would recommend the brands rowdybush, tops, or harrison's) and safe veggies. fruits should only be limited to treats because of how sugary they are. if you only feed your bird seeds or fruits then welp that bird is going to eventually die from fatty liver disease and malnutrition.

    4. its so obvious that a ton of these birds are bored as fuck. PLEASE invest in proper parrot enclosures and training, such as target training and station training, and make foraging stations for them!! they NEED TONS of mental stimulation in order to thrive. they have the intelligence of 4 year old toddlers so imagine having a child that you never try to entertain. tantrums. tons of tantrums and destruction. they're also not actually domesticated birds. there are only two companion-domesticated species of birds out of all of them, and that's actually chickens and pigeons. so yeah. you're essentially taking in a feral but tame animal. please remember this.

    5. please guys mirrors are so bad for parrots. they stimulate parrots hormonally and can lead to depression and mental issues. try your best to cover or avoid mirrors in the house but the main thing is please do not get mirrors as toys. theyre so mentally damaging to parrots and can lead to obsession of their reflection as well as the things mentioned above (hormonal issues and depression).

    6. DO NOT use dowel rod perches or plastic perches. those eventually lead to bumblefoot and early arthritis. remember these parrots do not live for just 2 years so you have to give them varying sizes of perches to stand on. parrots are perching birds so imagine standing on the same flat surface for over 15 years of your life. yeah. not fun. instead, go outside literally just find a tree branch from a safe tree. safe trees include apple trees, pine, balsa wood, aspen, and birch. wash the branch off and either heat it up to help dry it out or let it sun bake if you live in a hot area. also strip the bark from it.

    7. speaking of lifespans, i really hate to say this but if your budgie/parrot lived for like 2 years then sadly you either didn't take care of it properly or it's one of those poor inbred mill standard budgies from a pet store that died because of bad genetics and inherent illness (speaking of that, DO NOT buy from pet stores like petco, petsmart, etc because they purchase parrots from shitty breeders that overbreed, kill their birds, and inbreed) because even "tiny" parrots like budgies live for up to 15 years, the lifespan of a dog basically. some parrots live for literally over 30 years, while some live for upwards of 80.

    PLEASE DO TONS OF RESEARCH BEFORE OWNING A PARROT!!!! there's tons more issues and information but at least take all of this into consideration before you ever buy a bird or think that a parrot video is inherently cute because a lot of it isnt and a lot of it tends to be insanely concerning content.

    if you REALLY want to own a bird, i HIGHLY suggest looking into a house chicken or a pigeon instead of a parrot. pigeons are insanely affectionate and surprisingly smart, you can actually pet them all over their body and it wont cause any hormonal issues because of their domestication and different internal anatomy. and pigeons are actually cute if you get a healthy one from a breeder – i DO NOT mean go onto the street and just grab an ill feral one. though please do research on proper breeds because some are insanely unhealthy (do not get me started on budapest pigeons or american fantails).

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  3. ElleAndTheBirds created a video very similar to this called ''Reacting to Viral Bird Tiktocks!!'' I recommend watching that video to understand more.

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