Bird Won’t Stop Annoying Cats! – Funny Cardinal

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This crazy red bird keeps annoying my cats anytime he sees them in the windows and if the cats aren’t paying attention him then this cardinal will start pecking at the glass! This is the most annoying little bird I have ever seen! Is this normal for a northern cardinal?

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Bird Won’t Stop Annoying Cats! – Funny Cardinal

10 thoughts on “Bird Won’t Stop Annoying Cats! – Funny Cardinal

  1. Apparently birds have a better understanding of what glass is than cats🐦

  2. I'm not too fond of cardinals but they are very beautiful; both the males & females (since the males are that beautiful red & the females are the pretty brown).
    😵⬇ CRAZ¥ BUT TRU€ STθR¥ ⬇😵
    When I was in elementary school, a cardinal would wake me up Very Early EVERY morning around the same time pecking at my bedroom window. Later I found out he was doing that because he thought it was another male cardinal (possibly competition for a female) so he was trying to peck the crap put of the other bird (even though it was himself).

  3. Its absolutely blows my mind how old sparta is. I dont see it happen often and this cat is from my childhood and hes still kicking like hes still a kitten! Usually cats around this age hardly move or dont have energy to play, to see sparta still so active is amazing

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