Birds Dancing To Music 3

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birds dancing to music and loving it
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Birds Dancing To Music 3

4 thoughts on “Birds Dancing To Music 3

  1. It'd be cute to see them dancing in sync w/ humans. Somebody teach your bird baby shark w/ its wings or something. I do love that birds love Gangnam style, ha. Also, 3:55 the thriller bird,… 😍🤗. What a smartie

  2. Had a huge party in my house a little over two years ago and beforehand I was thinking about putting my birds in the basement so it wouldn't freak them out. But I took my changes and just put a blanket over them. Turned out they didn't sleep and when I pulled the blankets off they weren't distressed at all, what I assumed from all the sounds they made, instead they were enjoying themselves tremendously. There are alot of animal species that don't like noise and/or big crowds but birds aren't one of them.

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