Cat loves and is friends with the bird. Funny animals😍

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Unusual friendship between a cat and a’s amazing
First, Kesha’s budgie appeared in the house, and a month later, marsik the kitten. Cat and parrot grew up together, since childhood they live in the same apartment. Both are 7 years old. The channel has a video from seven years ago.
Marsic the cat and Kesha the parrot. Funny animals.
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Cat loves and is friends with the bird. Funny animals😍

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  3. Интересно, этого кота хоть что-то может вывести из равновесия?! Словом, 2 темперамента в классическом варианте – флегматик и сангвиник. 🐱🐔❤

  4. Marsik und kesha ta 2 omorfa kai kala paidakia 2 filarakia ta agapame poli kai ta stelnoume polla filakia .
    Marsik und Kesha die 2schöne Kinder 2 Freunde wir lieben die 2 und schicken viele viele pusys.

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