COCKATIEL on CAFFEINE – Funny !!!!!!

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Crazy and funny Bird is UP and at it! –This is your pet. This is your pet on…Java. Just scroll down and enjoy! by Meg at Peaches has since since kicked the habit. (Not the bucket.) She’s had quite the big year! Don’t tell the A.S.B.C.A about this one! Pls comment and subscribe. More Peach vids on the megtunes channel at .

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COCKATIEL on CAFFEINE – Funny !!!!!!

10 thoughts on “COCKATIEL on CAFFEINE – Funny !!!!!!

  1. Stop giving your bird caffine it's toxic it's bad your bird can die and that's being a bad owner pls your bird doesn't deserve this

    Never give your bird caffeine! It could stop there heart!

  3. So funny lol. My tiel is EXACTLY the same. He loves coffee and he will sneak and thieve to get it. 😂

  4. Sure it says that at the end of the video…. but then what was the bird drinking? And even if the bird is just drinking something else….That looks just like coffee…. you admit below and on other videos show that you regularly give this bird junk food. You can laugh all you want but it doesnt make you right or your choices as a tiel friend correct

  5. you don't deserve a cockatiel or any bird you either you don't know or you don't give a shit

    Do research before looking after an animal and its not about you it's about the bird and gaving that bird the bast life it can have not with coffee

    But you just have the bird for your sick entertainment don't you just like lot of people don't actually give a fuck they want a bird

    It's not about you look after the bird that not looking after the bird

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