Cockatoo Attempts To Order Farts Off Of Alexa

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Onni cockatoos owners/parents found out he has been up to some tricks with their Amazon Alexa. He has made an ongoing shopping list, but they have no idea how he did it. They do not know how to activate the Alexa skill and thought it would be funny not to learn and just leave it up to Onni and see what happens. Meanwhile they did try to teach Onni to command Alexa to fart. They didn’t quite expect what happened next …

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suite A-188
Hixson, TN 37343
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Cockatoo Attempts To Order Farts Off Of Alexa

10 thoughts on “Cockatoo Attempts To Order Farts Off Of Alexa

  1. Алекса поняла, что конкуренция не в ее пользу….решила прикинуться сломанной)))

  2. OMG I'm watching this video and my own Alexa begins to respond!!! 🤣😅😆🤪🤔

  3. Damn. I did not know that it is actually possible to see evil intent being formed in a bird's brain.

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