10 thoughts on “FUNNIEST PARROTS – Cute Parrot And Funny Parrot Videos Compilation [BEST OF]

  1. Cockatiels are already trained when you get them
    I just love cockatiels

    Edit: not really Love them I just like them

  2. 0:15
    Parrot:woof woof
    Me and my friends:AAAAHHHHHH ITS A DOG RUN SAVE YOUR LIFE (Running)
    Parrot: whaaaa i just wanted friends

  3. Poor thing fixing herself a tail she doesn't have as a captive bird!!! How much she longs to fly free, a sad thing people consider it funny?????

  4. Dangerous to allow the cat or dog even hit the delicate bird!! Far from being funny!!! Owning an innocent bird with no voice of its own doesn't mean you have the write to it's life🥺😠

  5. You can’t let birds have milk! They can only have things that don’t contain lactose! And based on the fact that you wasted an entire cup of milk for a dog (yet another bad idea)… I’m going to safely assume you let your pet indulge in it. Tiny amounts is OK, but still not recommended. Indulging is a NO NO.

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