10 thoughts on “Funny bird JoJo Tehrani Yay the boys had visitors

  1. Joseph was the perfect, charming gentleman!! Most people do not know how to be that appropriate and respectful…That perfectly full of manners! The Best Boy in the World! Who could ask for more!? He said and did everything right…His laugh would brighten anyone's day too. Appropriate questions and protests too! You had every right, Joe! This video should go VIRAL! Perfect video. Now, for something good to eat!

  2. @ denise layer
    Do you support this channel?
    Do you come here to be righteous ?
    You TALK cute and then you turn on Es! Why do you do that?
    I'm waiting for an answer!

  3. He Es, Joseph, & Tiago… aww bless… Joseph was chattering away tonight. He's a ladies bird I think. lol. So cute.

  4. 💖Joseph used all his talent for seduction with these ladies and its charm once again operated , Awww sweet heart 💖

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