Funny Bird Plays with Cup || ViralHog

Funny Birds Video Information:

Occurred on March 5, 2018 / Hayward, California, USA

“Cheeto is my 5-year-old Sun conure who is a funny, loud, and full of energy character. One day I gave him a plastic shot cup to play with and he started doing his moves with it. I thought it was hilarious.”

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Funny Bird Plays with Cup || ViralHog

10 thoughts on “Funny Bird Plays with Cup || ViralHog

  1. i freaking need the original poster of this sun flower conure, Cheeto. She is so funny with her cupping moves. I found like 3-4 videos but I need all of them!!!!

  2. this video literally inspires me to get an sunflower conure. arggg, need more cheeto cup videos

  3. RIP Cheeto Puff. You and your cupping will be deeply missed 😭😭😭😭😭 March 26th, 2019

  4. Please go on Instagram at Cheeto puff and you will see this bird, he has sadly passed

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