Funny Birds Stealing Stuff Compilation

Funny Birds Video Information:

Very funny birds caught stealing stuff like food and camera
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Funny Birds Stealing Stuff Compilation

10 thoughts on “Funny Birds Stealing Stuff Compilation

  1. 1:37
    Bird says : Welcome to my first video , birdies.

    Me : ( Sings – all round are familliar faces )

  2. I was in Whitby on the East coast of England carrying 4 trays of chips to the beach for me my wife and 2 children !! and a seagull flew down and stole the top tray of chips from my hands and flew away !!there is signs up everywhere saying please don't feed the seagulls!!But if nobody's feeding them they just take your food anyway and attack people !!๐Ÿ˜ 

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