10 thoughts on “Funny cute smart birds Joseph and Tiago-enjoy listening to his argument

  1. Ummmn… yummy toothbrushes 😍😍😍 Tiago you’re sooo cute ❀️❀️❀️

  2. Tiago you mad at us today? Seems like you want to bite us! Joseph what's your plan with the toothbrush? Dont like the color of it or dont like the brand? Joseph your so silly! Tiago is a little feisty today! Good night to you all sweet dreams

  3. Aawww Tiago and daddy πŸ’™ baby shark so cute Joseph busy next to his daddy lol so cute

  4. Ist time see in cockatoo luck ….umbrella cockatoo joesph has argument with brother es…..tiago he is a good boy he likes to play with daddy peek a boo……nip nip from fingili tiago…..

  5. Joesph nip his toothbrush and broke it the toothbrush is broken….. Joseph has strong beak…. Even the book he tried to rip it but it could not its too tough…. Is Joseph kind of destructive… With his toys and handling your book about birds?

  6. O dear what is Joseph doing now he turn away from the vidcam and now he is showing his backside….. Very busy……

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