Funny Parrots – Birds Talking to Each Other

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Talking birds are great. Parrots can make noises that sound like words. Parrots like to talk and yell at each other. Talking parrots are really whistling in different variations.

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Funny  Parrots – Birds Talking to Each Other

3 thoughts on “Funny Parrots – Birds Talking to Each Other

  1. Birds are one of Mother Natures' most exquisite creations…I feel a real sense of sadness watching this video…I so hope these beautiful innocent animals have more to do every single day than sit outside on a perch [without any kind of shade whatsoever] just for strangers to walk by and admire them…These incredible animals need and deserve so sooo much more after having lost their freedom…I can't help but wonder how, and even *if* there's any routine enrichment to their lives…sigh….

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