Funny Parrots – Funniest And Cutest Parrots 2018

Funny Birds Video Information:

Funny Parrots – Funniest And Cutest Parrots 2018In this selection you will see the most adorable and cutest parrots including parrot laughs like super villain, cute singing cockatiel, sun conure adorably obsessed with swing, parrot vs cat and more funny videos. Enjoy watching our brand new compilation and just smile!

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Funny Parrots – Funniest And Cutest Parrots 2018

10 thoughts on “Funny Parrots – Funniest And Cutest Parrots 2018

  1. Hey guys! Here's a little game for y'all. Reply with your results!
    The last number of your like is the type of parrot you are. Your birth month is it's personality!

    Type of Parrot:

    0- Parrotlet
    1- Indian Ringneck Parrot
    2- Amazon Parrot
    3- Parakeet
    4- Conure
    5- Finch
    6- Blue and Gold Macaw
    7- African Grey
    8- Lovebird
    9- Scarlet Macaw


    January: Observant and loud; Male
    February: Very smart, and collects small things; Female
    March: Mean and unlucky; Male
    April: Good at tricking people and has a raspy chirp; Male
    May: Has an injured wing; Female
    June: Loves flying; Female
    July: Likes chasing things with their beak and biting; Male
    August: Unpredictable and clumsy; Female
    September: Modest; Male
    October: Immature; Male
    November: Super duper nice; Female
    December: Blind; Female

  2. What the birds are doing:
    0:00 (Cockatiel, black and white) – singing the pirates of the caribbean music
    0:16 (Cockatiel, white and yellow) – stomping on a box
    0:30 (Budgie, yellow) – dancing to A Little Samba played on a Samsung TV
    0:45 (Amazon) – laughing like a villain
    0:58 (Budgie, green and yellow) – falls off a table
    1:10 (Cockatoo, female) – riding a toy bus, and looks around
    1:22 (Sunny conure) – closing his eyes, then falls down and sleeps
    1:33 (Eclectus, male) – falls off a couch, and lands on a Samsung Galaxy S III phone and walks
    1:46 (Amazon) – says Hello multiple times
    2:00 (???) – makes a bath in the washbasin
    2:16 (Budgie, yellow) – balancing on a Tennis Ball
    2:30 (African Grey) – falls in a drawer
    2:41 (Sunny conure) – playing on a swing
    2:58 (Eclectus, male) – hopping on a table
    3:11 (Cockatoo, male) – dancing to rock music
    3:29 (???) – tapping with his beak on a mirror
    3:43 (Cockatoo, male) – falls down a slide
    3:56 (Alexandrine, yellow) – being cuddled and makes noises
    4:15 (Cockatoo, male) – touching a cat's beak
    4:27 (Budgie, green and yellow) – makes a bath in the washbasin
    4:43 (Cockatiel) – sings

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