10 thoughts on “Funny parrots talking laughing chasing my phone-jojo talking FaceTime

  1. Jojo talking to his mommy so sweet he has lots to say aweeee mommy misses you 💙💙 and said she love you 😊

  2. I am sooo not trying to be mean and maybe I'm completely wrong bc I do know we only see 15 minuets or a little more out of a 24 hour day but it seems to me Joseph is Mommy's Baby and is a little depressed since she has been gone. He comes alive when she comes back around. And u do seem to favor Tiago. So why isn't he with Mommy? Like I said please don't be mad at me saying this, its just been on my mind every time I watch a video of y'all now. Maybe she is in a position where she cant have Joseph idk. Just speaking my opinion where it probably isnt even wanted lol. I just want what's best for Joseph, he truly is the sweetest bird on YouTube and period for that matter

  3. Hi Joseph 🇧🇷I love baby bird !!!!! Forever…..Hi Sal and Es…..Tiago love….love…. kisses and kisses…

  4. Awwwww……so nice to hear your voice Sal take care hun. Wow Joseph you got to talk to Mommy yooorayyy….tiago was excited too😍😍😍😍

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