Funny Tame Birds Doing Hilarious Thing | Enjoy & Try Not to Love

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Funny Tame Birds Doing Hilarious Thing | Enjoy & Try Not to Love.

What is a Tamed Bird –
In general, a bird that is friendly with human is known as a tame bird. But precisely, a tame bird is the bird that enjoys human companion & has a special bond with its owner/caretaker which it shows by its behavior & activities at all times. A bird that is really Tame, is not just friendly or comfortable with human but rather it has a strong emotional attachment with its human companion. It will love & trust him or her, will try to take part in his/her activities, will obey him/her & will miss him/her when he/she is away for a long time. In many cases, a tame bird shows its emotional distress due to its detachment from its human companion by stop eating, acting aggressive or too quiet and plucking off its own feathers – sometimes to its death! Besides, having a tame bird who prefers staying with you most of the time instead of in its own cage requires a lot of careful measures to ensure its safety. This is why a tame bird requires a lot more responsibilities by its owner than other birds that are not tame.
Taming Procedure –

While many people try to follow a “taming procedure” to tame birds, it really works far better if it is considered as a procedure of befriending a bird. They may be tiny little creatures but they are capable of surprising you with their intelligence & emotions. The first attempt of befriending a bird is exactly what you would do while trying to befriend a human – be positive & try to gain its trust. Then – Interact. What will you do when you want someone to like you? You will find what they like & give them that, or give them a treat with their favorite food. Do the same to your bird too. Pay more attention to their comfort & their needs than trying to make them stay close to you. Observe them first and then try something & see how they like it, don’t force anything on them. Always keep in mind – a taming procedure is a befriending procedure, you are trying to make them your friend or even more –family, not your slave.
What age is the best age for taming?
Most birds can be tamed at any age as long as you are following the right procedure. For parakeets & all kinds of small & medium birds – any age is suitable, but it’s a little easier to tame at the age when they have fully weaned & have just learned to eat by themselves. For large parrots the best age is when they are fully weaned and 1-2 week away to eat by themselves.
Can all types of birds be tame?
Taming mostly depends on the right procedure, the personality of birds & its previous history, rather than the type of birds. When the proper taming procedure is applied, any type of birds can be more or less tamed. Some birds may just have it in their personality where they are not very social or not very fond of getting friendly with human. Such bird will become somewhat tame but not extremely tame. Sometimes birds with a history of trauma caused by human may have difficulties trusting human again – hence not being friendly or tame.
Does tame bird breed?
Tame birds breed just as good as any other birds, as long as they are given a compatible partner & a suitable breeding environment, as are usually a bit picky. It is very important for you as the owner to understand that your tame bird should not be disturbed at this time & should not be expected to act as friendly with you as it does other times. You may see your lovely tame bird showing some aggressiveness & ignorance towards you which is natural & only temporary. Dont get worried about it, let the bird focus on its nest, eggs & babies as they hatch. Do your best to show your support & love for them by taking proper care & keeping their privacy. As the babies starts to grow a bit, you will start seeing your bird becoming friendly with you again & perhaps grow a stronger attachment with you than before for taking good care of the bird & its family. The babies will be become tame in the process too!

Can several birds be tamed at the same time?
It actually would speed up the taming procedure when you are trying to tame more than one bird at the same time. It is a misconception that you must get a single bird so it can be tame by recognizing you as its only companion. It is never a good idea to keep a single birds alone. You can never spend 24 hours with it & there may even be time when you are too busy to spend that minimum amount of time your tame bird requires, leading the bird towards frustration. Keep your bird in pairs or keep a several young birds together & communicate with them both individually & in group. You will soon develop a friendly relation with them all.

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Funny Tame Birds Doing Hilarious Thing | Enjoy & Try Not to Love