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The Blue-fronted Amazons parrot extends from northeastern Brazil to Paraguay and northern Argentina.  It seems, fortunately, to be a bit more resilient than other parrots as regards habitat loss, and is still to be found in good numbers in many areas. 

Slightly larger than the lilac-crowned Amazon, the blue-fronted is also a good deal more vigorous and definitely a bit more of a challenge,  That being said, it is an easily managed bird in the right hands, and is regarded as an excellent talker.  They are quite energetic, and need to kept busy if they are to do well.

Blue-fronted Amazons have always been popular in Europe, but lag behind other Amazons here in the USA.  Green in color and topped with a blue and yellow head, their unusually large eyes lend them a sensitive, “knowing” demeanor.

The Amazon parrots are about 30 species of parrots that comprise the genus Amazona. They are native to the New World, ranging from South America to Mexico and the Caribbean. Amazon parrots range in size from medium to large, and have relatively short, rather square tails. They are predominantly green, with accenting colors that are quite vivid in some species.

The taxonomy of the Yellow-crowned Amazon (Amazona ochrocephala complex) is disputed, with some authorities listing only a single species (A. ochrocephala), and others splitting it into as many as three species (A. ochrocephala, A. auropalliata and A. oratrix).[1][2][3] The Yellow-faced Parrot, Alipiopsitta xanthops, was traditionally placed within the Amazon parrot genus, but recent research has shown that it is more closely related to the Short-tailed Parrot and species from the genus Pionus; as a result, it has been transferred to the monotypic genus Alipiopsitta ]

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  1. love this..platy it loads to my Ziggy a male indian ringneck and and Charlie orange winged amazon..they love this

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