10 thoughts on “*Funny*Bird reading a Book but then turned to argument 🤣🤣🤣parrot talks funny

  1. Joseph Enjoys eating thick silky papers!!!😅 Royal Bird!!!😁Love to see him argu with you!!!

  2. How old is he as he acts like a juvenile kid tell them no and they do it more haha😂

  3. i think maybe he'd rather you to pay attention to him than some stupid book, so he argues then totally destroys the book. Good work, Jo! 🐤

  4. Ya dress them up, ya send them to school and what do they do? They eat the books. lol Adorable!! He needs his toenails trimmed though. God bless you

  5. This is so funny! Birds chew. He isn't going to stop. My parakeet was like a paper punch with a piece of paper. Lol!!

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