10 thoughts on “Giz wants to know if you want to hang out a lot! 🥰 #talkingbirds #funnybirds #funnypets #shorts

  1. Just to add we have never said to him “make sounds to get followers” 😂😂 Giz created that himself 😅

  2. I adore your bird! I love that I can enjoy him and you do all the work. You keep him so happy which encourages such language and sound and I am 💯per cent here for it!! 😂😊🙏

  3. Giz is just next level👆😅👏🥇🏆👑🌠*Star*..chirp chirp😅👏

  4. "Try to make some sounds to get some followers." Is a complete sentence and an extremely complex thinking pattern. Mom and Dad may not say it but that bird learned it somewhere. 💁

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