Have You EVER Seen a Macaw Do This Before?

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When we give our Family Friendly Parrot Formula Workshop we often demo certain segments to demo specific parrot training techniques with UNTRAINED birds and this was one of those sessions I wanted to give a glimpse into. I wish I had the first session on video because how fast Eric, the green wing macaw, got overly heightened was such a good and important demonstration to parrot owners everywhere (and of course, it was accidental)

Eric’s foot motion looked like something humans do that is inappropriate to mention so it made the entire class burst into laughter (ourselves included!) but what we didn’t realize was that behavior was a trigger of escalating excitement that made it impossible to train Eric because he just would focus on nothing else.

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Have You EVER Seen a Macaw Do This Before?

10 thoughts on “Have You EVER Seen a Macaw Do This Before?

  1. I have a huge aviary outside so im wondering if it is good for my 1 budgie to be in it ( not all day or long)

  2. Any videos on parrot vocalizations? My blue and gold makes a purring sound and blinks slowly when I'm rubbing/scratching her head sometimes, just wondering what they mean in terms of her mind set.

  3. How is Eric supposed to step on a hand that is being offered in a weird, vertical way!!

  4. I've recently been loving ur channel and is one of the most informative parrot channels. I've listened to all ur podcasts like two times and enjoy watching ur training videos. However I recently rescued a bird that was neglected (it's a cockatiel). The bird's beak is slightly deformed and isn't eating much and hates being petted (but she can step up). The beak isn't like an X-jaw (I dunno the real term) but it has a slightly spike in it like a piece of it fell out? I was thinking maybe he was calcium deficient bc he just ate seeds and millet for the past 6 or so years. I'm also worried about him not eating, I think he may have fatty liver disease but I could be wrong. Also can u do a video on how to get a bit to accept being petted? It would be greatly appreciated and also can u give me any ideas or ur insight on the situation. Thx for reading and I continue to support and enjoy ur content 😍

  5. Was it just me or was the way he offered the step up weird? From owners body language he looked tense and scared of being bitten! Maybe them three key factors are the reason he didn’t want to step up!

  6. I love that Capri is looking at Dave when he is talking, listening intently, and taking notes. She will be as good a trainer as her parents are. Great job Capri.

  7. Little Capri, taking notes ❀️
    So engaged and part of the team . ❀️

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