10 thoughts on “little Tiago Bad boy 不不不 funny birds

  1. Hello Beautiful boy, your brother is the BAD boy, not funny at all. they were calling you bad boy the other day. People need to watch more videos to see him and his actions before they Judge

  2. Maybe you should watch some utub e videos on how to stop a parotlet from biting. And do some
    research to learn about their natural behaviors. So you can understand him better. And how to handle problems with him.

  3. Hello Es, Joseph and Tiago! Tiago is in time out for being bad boy! I hear his little chirping! I love Joseph Good Boy! Good Bird!
    Luv to Y'all from Tenn. Us

  4. Hi es, hi my beautiful boys hope both are well and happy.. be good boys both of you for daddy.. love and peace to you all

  5. 132 thumbs up i think tagio getting bad boy of the house he say daddy i beening bad now he telling u off es hi joseph say hi hi dadday miss ya all big hugs takecare. Xxxxx best channel

  6. You may have just taught Tiago NOT to step up since you put him in his cage as soon as he did it

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