10 thoughts on “Live Streaming Now With My Funny Birds

  1. Both are very much loved and spoiled I do same treat them like my babies

  2. This is Anita; "Roberts Wife". I've missed your live streams lately, Robert is still healing from his second shoulder surgery back to back. We watch and love Joseph, Tiago and your little family. I love watching each of you, your wife and you are such Sweet Couple! Thank you for Every Video You've Posted, they make us so Happy!

  3. 164 ok hi ok bye i be back o back joseph funny tagio. Is so good now wow. Hi. Best channnel wow miss ya guys watch video cute too takecare xxxxx

  4. I LOVE YOUR BIRDS, JOSEPH IS SO BEAUTIFUL! You and Your Wife are Such Loving Caring People towards your Birds, they are like your Children, So lovely to watch you.

  5. I adore Joseph he is the sweetest I’m new to your videos ❤️ me and my family are adopting a cockatoo in 2 weeks and can’t wait 😊

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