Naughty, Dancing, Funny Bird Compilation; Green Cheek Conure

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The ever goofy Green Cheek Conure during their naughtier moments. Still wonderfully cute. Parrots, when given time and are comfortable in their environments, are like little kids; needy for attention, capable of having tantrums, and have moments of hyper activity. They can also be very loving and sensitive.
Green cheek conures are known for their “bossy” side and may be nippy or territorial at times no matter how much they love you. As long as their human family members understand this and learn how to work with it- or around it- the bird will be a happy, thriving friend. Working with such intelligent and sensitive beings takes understanding, patience, and willingness to learn from a bird’s very unique perspective.
The star of this silly show is Birdy, aka “Puffel Head”, a cherished member of our family.

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Naughty, Dancing, Funny Bird Compilation; Green Cheek Conure

10 thoughts on “Naughty, Dancing, Funny Bird Compilation; Green Cheek Conure

  1. Yes there always after attention. And boy can they make noise when they want too!

  2. is there any way to get my mom included I'm one of the people that didn't make it to that site. hope that you're doing well you are an inspiration !!!!!!

  3. Sounds great I'll send you some pictures sometime this weekend and we'll work out the details thank You so much ! I'm sure alot of people in her circle will want one

  4. Hi. I have one green cheek conure also. I just wanted to know if u have clipped her wings? If so how much have u clipped off?
    Mine flies around but it seems she gets scared bc after flying, she kinda shakes. So I want to clip her wings, but we are just to scared because she wont let us even touch them. Also don't want to hurt her also.

  5. aw so cute, ive got 2 brothers that was handreared then not bothered with much. there funny creatures but sweet and funny, they nip a bit but was devils when i got them and drew blood on a good few occasions, but nowhere near as bad now. there 9 months old has them 2 weeks x

  6. My green cheeked conure bobs her head when she dances and move her side to side to play! She also loves pens (we take out the ink and crap)

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